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In this episode of Pivot to Prosperity, Natalie Currie shares how she believes that instead of trying to “crush” fear, we need to embrace the role fear plays in our lives and understand the lessons it can teach us.

As an example, she talks us through what happened when the global recession tested her first business in clinical research and how that led her to becoming a coach who leads workshops about positive change.

Hang on folks. It’s a pretty fun ride.

In This Episode

  • The difficulty of incorporating professional development into a busy workflow
  • Angela Lee Duckworth and grit
  • Millenials and how their switching jobs every 2-3 years requires embracing a flexible mindset
  • Her belief that fear is not the enemy people often think it is

I also found this great 6 minute TED video where Angela Lee Duckworth talks about how grit–not IQ, not “how smart you are–is essential to success.

Quotes From This Episode

“The brain does not like change for the simple reason that change may reflect a threat.”

When figuring out what to do next. “What lessons have you learned that you want to take forward and what are the things you want to leave behind to give yourself a fresh start.”

Natalie’s Bio

Natalie Currie is on a mission to help change agents and forward thinking organizations amplify their positive impact in the world through their work while enhancing their peace-of-mind.

Having left a 17-year career in the corporate world of clinical research to make her unique mark on the world, Natalie founded her boutque professional development company in 2006. She believes that work and business are important vehicles for social change and the roots of a meaningful life.

Natalie is a certified coach, a workshop facilitator, and an instructor at the University of Toronto. As a seasoned speaker, Natalie has delivered hundreds of talks across North America sharing topics that range from creative collaboration, mastering your mindset to workplace well-being.

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