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Brian Shea of Shea Consulting talks about niching, and how narrowing the focus of his services is simplifying the way he does business.

Episode highlights

Brian started his consulting business in 2012 when a colleague connected him with an enterprise level corporate client that needed his particular skills. The project provided enough of a cushion to make it reasonable for Brian to finally leave his day job—and with that, a new chapter in his life began.

If I had to describe what Brian does in everyday English, I’d say he’s the man you go to when you want to figure out the systems and processes that you need to set up in your business to be successful.

He’s got a keen eye for helping teams to improve their sales processes. Or, as he says, for helping them learn how to “approach the right clients in the right way” and then do it again.

In this interview, Brian explains why he shifted from working with clients across a range of business verticals to only working with marketing agencies. We also discuss how focusing on a specific niche can make it easier to leverage your efforts.

In This Episode

  • The value of specializing on a specific niche
  • The difficulties of employing case studies to grow your business when you service different verticals
  • The challenge of being patient when you shift the focus of your business

Quotes from this episode

“Nobody raises their hand and says: “That’s me. I’m a professional services person.” People say I’m a writer. I’m a consultant. I’m an agency owner. I’m a search person . . . that’s a big part of the reason I decided to focus.”

“If I get a case study from an agency and a case study from a consultant, those two could be the leaders in their industry but they mean nothing to each other. The agency has never heard of the consultant. The consultant has never heard of the agency. So you don’t get a lot of mileage from your case studies.”

“I think all business owners are like this. We’re always in an evolution. We’re always trying to figure out what the next thing is.”

Brian’s bio

Brian Shea is the founder of Shea Consulting, LLC, a company that helps agencies cultivate new business consistently and painlessly. Shea Consulting puts systems and processes in place to help agencies keep their new business efforts organized, focused, and consistent over time. Since the early 2000’s, Brian has helped organizations improve their business development practices through CRM, sales process improvement, and marketing automation. You can find out more at http://sheaconsulting.biz

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