New website clarifies services and brand voice for a North Carolina health tech consultant

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Pulse + Signal provides customized social media training and digital communications services for healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and health tech startups.

Following the launch of a highly successful blog narrating the rapid-fire changes within the evolving health tech community, Andre Blackman, founder of Pulse + Signal, decided the time had come to refresh his website. He approached me to develop new copy for his About and Service pages.

As is often the case when working with people with a deep well of knowledge about their industry and whose services are often custom tailored, the key challenge proved to be helping Andre hone in on how to describe his service offerings so that each offer was clearly distinguishable from each other.

Feedback from the web designer confirmed that I had hit the mark:

“THIS is copy! I already understand what you do 300% better. It’s like you’ve taken off the digital pajamas and put on your shiny superman spandex…cape included!”

Design: Rod Mod

Primary Audience: Healthcare professionals

Items Produced: Website content for the About and Services pages


Sonia is personable and very available to make you feel comfortable about pulling thoughts from your head into words on the Web. Her patience was valuable to me as I’ve been all over the place with my background and interests – she really helped me focus and drill down to the relevant elements.

Personality is important to me and Sonia/I were able to laugh, think together (while I mainly apologized profusely for not feeling like I was providing her with the right info). Think about it like this: my needs were a tornado in an open field and Sonia used her magic powers to turn the tornado into a grassy hill complete with butterflies and a cool breeze of quality words.

Andre Blackman

Founder, Pulse + Signal

About Page Excerpt

The health innovation arena is moving fast. It’s not enough to do great work. Potential partners, funders and customers need to know the “who, when, where, what and why” about your project or expertise. And they need to know now.

Pulse + Signal facilitates your outreach and digital communication initiatives so that your project or organization gets the spotlight it deserves. We provide personal digital branding and social media education for physicians and healthcare professionals looking to expand their presence online. We also develop and provide effective guidance on digital strategies for established healthcare organizations and health tech startups.

Strategy + Planning
We work closely with your team to clarify your strategic goals, identify potential partners and create a social media plan that connects with your target market.

Education + Training
Once your strategy is ready to launch, Pulse + Signal can provide specialized social media training for you or your team.

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