Ocean Charter School


Primary Audience: Parents of elementary and middle-school age children
Items Produced: Website

URL: oceancs.org

Ocean Charter School is a public, independent charter school within the Los Angeles United School District. Serving K-8 students, they provide an arts-integrated curriculum based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf.

On the cusp of the first renewal of their five-year charter in 2012, the Ocean Charter School recognized the need to showcase the success of their arts-based, Waldorf-inspired curriculum to a wide constituency: parents, prospective educators, credentialing agencies, as well as potential donors.

Their previous website was woefully out-of-date and lacked clear guidance about the school’s arts-based curriculum and teaching philosophy as well as enrollment information and deadlines.

Strategic goals for the new site included:

  • Improving student retention
  • Increasing the ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of the student body
  • Raising their profile among prospective donors

I worked with the client to identify critical content needs, helped develop a navigation hierarchy, and wrote significant portions of the copy.

Design: Kristian Olson

SME Education Foundation Media Kit

Website Excerpt

The Developmental Spiral
At the heart of Ocean Charter School’s standards-based, arts-integrated curriculum is the recognition of how much children change from year to year.

Our program ensures that the material presented by the teacher—and how it is presented—is developmentally attuned to the appropriate age at every grade level. The learning process is not rushed. Our students are provided with imagery, narrative and activities to nurture their imagination and sense of wonder.

The curriculum builds in complexity and rigor through the grades in a spiral-like manner. Subjects and concepts introduced at an early grade will be revisited at an older grade with more information and density leading to greater awareness and understanding.

Never Get Between A Girl and Her Robot

Sonia worked hand in hand with the client and our internal team to make sure we captured their information and content requirements and delivered the site’s information architecture and content according to the client’s needs. She is extremely dedicated, tremendously competent and a pleasure to work with. Her information and content strategy chops are impeccable and she’s both a team player and a consummate professional.

Adam Greene, Director of Engineering, Cemex

From the onset of our new website design project, Sonia took the time to understand the mission/vision and educational philosophy of Ocean Charter School. She asked questions and listened intently about what we hoped to accomplish in terms of the look and feel of the website and the audience we wanted to address. Sonia’s expertise and accuracy in Spanish translation was executed masterfully and the culmination of the project has taken our school to the next level in addressing the Spanish speaking population of parents. As a school, we will forever be grateful to Sonia for the time, interest, love, and attention she gave our new website!

Stephanie Edwards, Executive Director of Ocean Charter School

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