Digital signage that boosts visitor engagement

EventIgnite is a UK-based digital signage company that works with event organizers that put on some of Europe’s largest exhibitions. Their digital signage technology plays a critical role in helping exhibition visitors to better navigate a crowded showroom floor, connecting them with vendors and highlighting upcoming educational events.

Despite having worked on several high profile shows, EventIgnite was struggling to get the attention of event organizers with whom they did not yet have a relationship. I was approached to create a unique set of case studies. In addition to explaining the work they did, the case studies also provided tips for best practices. These tips were designed to help their prospects appreciate the potential of partnering with my client for their next show.


  • Project Type: Case Study
  • Primary Audience: Event organizers of large UK-based expos and exhibitions
  • Items Produced: To date I’ve created 8 case studies for this client. Each case study averages between 3 to 6 pages long.

Services Provided

  • Copywriting in UK English

“With just two days to make critical business connections, Informa Exhibitions needed a signage solution that would help event participants make informed decisions about the conference sessions they would attend, discover new suppliers, and sign off on business agreements.”

Case Study Excerpt

The Solution

Given the complex logistics of this high-profile international show, Informa needed digital signage that would help visitors stay informed about upcoming events. EventIgnite software powered four digital signs outside the seminar theatres and 16 screens around the perimeter of the show floor. The show floor signs displayed timed visitor messages as well as exhibitor adverts. The information on the screens automatically updated over the course of the day providing visitors with timely information about current and upcoming events. Every screen was branded with the event’s colour theme, and included the logos for both the event sponsors and the sponsors for every respective conference session.

With its ability to provide highly targeted, relevant information, digital signage advertising provides a more engaging form of display advertising that appeals to modern, professional audiences. But providing truly engaging and relevant adverts for every sponsor, would require a dedicated in-house design team and a lot of additional work liaising with clients.

EventIgnite’s fast production process allowed exhibitors to tailor their adverts to their specific objectives at Vitafoods Europe. Working with EventIgnite, Informa’s sales team was able to accommodate requests for timed visitor messages and adverts that highlighted specific products. All adverts were produced from scratch based on the exhibitors’ own artwork.

David Fox, Fox Business Advisors
Thomas Walczak, Managing Director of EventIgnite
"Sonia helped us with a very difficult set of case studies and we're very happy with the end result. Highly recommended!"

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