Happy Thursday everyone! Hope the week has been going well for you so far.

As for me, I've been insanely busy getting The Irresistible Website ready for its upcoming release on Monday, December 21. 

The thing with setting what can seem (and is) a pretty insane goal of preparing and releasing a book within a week is that at the exact same time that you are trying to remain laser-focused on completing one goal, your brain starts to work over-time and starts giving you ideas for other projects. Hello! Talk about monkey brain. I've already jotted ideas for future editions of the book, more blog posts, and more.

Plus, I'm running out of coffee.

But first things first: the book.

Let's see what's happened so far this week:

  • I've finally settled on what will likely be the final Table of Contents. (Scroll down for a sneak peek.)
  • I've written more than three-quarters of the book. Mind you, this is mostly ugly first draft stuff, but that's what editing is for. Fortunately, I like editing.
  • I'm thrilled to report that a handful of pre-orders have already begun trickling in! Am so excited!

So here's the sneak peek at the Table of Contents:


About me

Why I wrote this book

How this book is organized


Accepting the Challenge

Writing the hard way

Writing the (sort of) easy way


Clarifying What Makes You Unique


Let's talk about you

What makes you special

A fictional case study

Uncovering Brand You

Your work

The reason behind the work you do

What makes you different

Identifying your competitors

Services you provide

Services you don't provide


Understanding Your Audience

A love note to fans

The myth of the rational client

Tangible and intangible needs

Why do you care?

Let's talk about your clients

Your ideal client

Why this client vs another

Client needs

The problem you're really solving

Best client experience

Best compliment ever

Your best advice

How your clients find you

Brand recap


Getting Ready For Showtime

Make A Plan for Your Website

Flexibility and changing your mind

Deciding what pages you need

Creating Irresistible Web Pages









Ideal client/This is you


Web Writing Tips & Tricks


What Happens Next

Holding yourself accountable

Setting priorities

Let me know what you think


There's still time to pre-order your copy!

The Irresistible Website is going live on Monday, December 21. Until then, you can pre-order a copy for a 25% discount for just $22.

Please reach out if you have any questions. You can find me via email at sonia@soniaquinones.com or hanging out on Twitter (when I should be writing) at @SoniaMQuinones.


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