When I was in elementary school, somewhere around second or third grade, I came home with a report card where my teacher had remarked that I was being “too chatty” in the classroom.

It was the first time one of my teachers had ever included a criticsm on my report card. And although her rebuke was mild, my dad did not take it well.

In fact, he was pretty pissed to learn that I was talking in the classroom instead of quietly sitting in my chair.

That I still remember this moment is proof that being labeled “chatty” was just a wee bit traumatic. I mean, not big time traumatic. No one needed to call in a therapist to deal with the shock of being a little girl—who, OMG—talked during class. It was simply a reprimand I never forgot.

So when I heard people start referring to a something called Blab I paid no attention. In my mind, Blab was too much like Chatty for my peace of mind.

That is, until I learned that a professional colleague that I deeply respect, Susan Baier of Audience Audit and Audience Axis, was going to host her first Blab.

I made a note of the date and time on my calendar, logged on to her link, and within seconds fell in love with the format.

Why? Because the fun factor is built right in.

What is a Blab?

Blab is a video streaming app that looks a whole lot like the opening segment of the old Brady Bunch show. Except that it’s a heck of a lot more entertaining since this time, you (or people you actually know) get to be in one of the boxes.

Up to four people can video chat at the same time while an audience watches and comments. Audience members can also easily switch places with the speakers.

Stuff I particularly love about this format

  • The chat section is well designed.
  • You can always tell when someone new has signed in so you can welcome them.
  • Questions appear in their own separate stream so they don’t get lost.
  • Lurkers can hang out in the background and watch the conversation anonymously if they want.
  • Recording the Blab chat is super easy.
  • Embedding the recording onto your own website is incredibly simple.

Here are some great links I found where you can learn more:

But as fun as it is to watch a Blab, turns out that it is even more fun to be a guest on one.

The day I got to join in on the fun

On Wednesday, January 28, 2016, Susan invited me to participate in a Blab along with another copywriter, Shaina Rozen of Sidetone.

You can watch it here:

Which is when I re-learned what I obviously once knew in elementary school. And that is that talking with cool, interesting people is a bajillion times more interesting than sitting quietly on sidelines.

No offense to Dad, but chattiness is definitely something I’m embracing.


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