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Want happier customers? Then stop boring them.

There’s a natural bias to assume that what you find interesting, others will too. It’s this kind of thinking that leads to the phenomenon many people have experienced at least once in their lives: being trapped with a dead bore.

Writing Naked: Exploring the Stories We Share

We find our place in the world by the stories we share and the communities that our storytelling helps us create. Because "community" is what we are looking for when telling stories that reveal who we are, who we help, and what we care about. We live in hope that...

How to alienate your fans in 30 minutes or less

I recently received an invitation from the Writers Bloc to watch a screening for Austenland, a new movie starring Keri Russell, based on a novel written by Shannon Hale. It wasn't a private invitation--I'm no one special. No doubt they sent it to everyone on their...

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