About Sonia


If you had met me when I was 14, you would have found me swapping handwritten pages over the lunch room table with my friends, Laura Tripoli, Grace Tse, Carrie Tam, and Dionne Greene, as we wrote a story where each of us saved the galaxy alongside Han, Luke and Leia. We not only wrote ourselves into Star Wars, we kicked intergalactic butt.


When I grew up, I went to work for financial behemoths like Bankers Trust (before it became Deutsche Bank) and Citibank; artsy places like the School of Visual Arts and Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center (before it became the Straz); and government agencies like the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Santa Monica Rent Control Board.

I’ve lived in New York, Los Angeles, and most recently Tampa, cause that’s where the folks are now (and the rice & beans) and I’m savvy enough to follow the good eats.

Along the way I’ve won a number of awards including the APEX Award for Excellence in Health Care Writing and was named an Emerging Voices Fellow in 2008 by the PEN Center.


After many years of communicating and engaging with diverse audiences, I left my relatively cushy government job in 2013 to become a freelance content marketing strategist and copywriter. And boy, has that been an adventure.

And yet, while many, many things have changed since I was 14, it turns out that being able to tell a good story—and kick butt—still matters.

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